SALE 2021: 4 table mats - Margate set JJ

SALE 2021: 4 table mats - Margate set JJ

Regular price £20.00

Welcome to the SUMMER 2021 SALE

To keep it simple (hopefully), the mats are all in sets of 4, as shown in the photo and each set of 4 is priced at the same amount for the set - £20.00 - this gives a discount of up to 62% on the original selling price

Everything that is in the SALE is either end of line or a second (if it is a second there will be slight surface scratching, a small print faults, lint on the print, or a not quite flat mat - there is no fault with the Melamine, the mats are completely functional, just very slightly imperfect visually)

4 table mats - SALE price £20.00
The round ones are either 215mm or 222mm diameter (the sets will be one or the other - size in the title description)
The square ones are 215mm x 215mm
The rectangle ones are 191mm x 242mm

All the mats are cork-backed Melamine and made in the UK especially for you

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